View Full Version : Controller + mouse issues

1st Mar 2014, 10:07
PC user here.
I'm trying to use the controller's left stick for movement while keeping the mouse for camera rotation. Everything works fine except one weird thing. Whenever I touch the controller stick, the camera movement becomes laggy and imprecise as if the game starts to convert mouse input into controller's right stick input before applying it to camera rotation. Once I center the left stick and press a mouse button It usually returns to normal until I move the stick again. Is there any way to keep the precise mouse control for camera rotation while using analog stick for movement at the same time?

Input devices I use:
Thurstmaster Dual Trigger 3-in1 controller (DirectInput device)
x360ce XInput emulator
Logitech G600 mouse (all buttons starting from 4 and higher are mapped to emulate keyboard keys).