View Full Version : Saving and Loading Games (Poor Usability) - PC

1st Mar 2014, 05:51
- When I want to do a hard save, I have to scroll down an ever-growing list of previous saves to find the empty slot at the bottom of the list. I now have 40 games I have to scroll through. Would it be possible to have this list sort chronologically in an descending order (Empty Slot at top, followed by most current saves after that), rather than ascending?

- When I click "Load Game" and then click a game slot I want to load, another window then pops up with three games listed for loading. So confusing. I have no idea why this pop-up occurs. What is it trying to ask or tell me? Why doesn't it just load the game I selected? I've never seen a game not just load the game I click, and furthermore, have it instead present me with two or three other options I should apparently consider instead? Is this how it was designed on purpose, or is it a bug? Either way, please just give me the power to click the game I want and have it immediately load without a confusing pop-up.