View Full Version : PC - Years showing improperly (e.g., NRy834)?

1st Mar 2014, 05:04
Is it correct for the years in the game to be showing as seen in the thread title? For a while, I was only noticing it on documents... like newspapers, so I thought it was maybe the in-game printing press' numbering system for the newspapers. But then I just snagged a plaque and it also had that numbering format.

The plaque read:

City Heritage Plaque: "Established BRy412 - Moved from its original site after the Fires of NRy662."

Newspaper dates read the following, for example:

* 11 05 NRy834
* 5 14 NRy830
* 5 27 NRy841

So, after seeing the plaque, it really did look like it was trying to say a year there. It looks like the numbers are trying to call the coding of the game to retrieve particular years, but the years aren't showing...? Unless this is some weird way of how dates exist in the new Thief universe?

1st Mar 2014, 12:32
It's month - day - year. I'm not sure what NRy referred to but maybe it's like new reckoning year or something like that.