View Full Version : Collectible glitches

1st Mar 2014, 01:22
Several collectibles are just regular loot items and Ican't complete achievement.

Some examples: On a redo of chapter 2 before getting the key to go through the door. There is a flower pin collectible that's supposed to be top middle of the previous room where you shoot a rope arrow up and climb to the top. The item was just a eegular broach. I thought maybe I already got it on first playthrough but on that one during last chapter there's supposed to be one in the alcove where you lower the bridge wheel. Again same thing just a regular piece. There is even all the finger prints around it indicating collectible.
So I'm going to wait for another playthrough until that's fixed.

1st Mar 2014, 02:31
I've just got what I think is an issue but not sure.
There is a room with a huge tall painting in I think the stone market district that apparently can be triggered or opened, the hands come up and you can fell for a switch around the bottom half of the painting but no indicator comes up there appears to be no switch?

Any one come into this problem or is it a bug that is fixed in the patch?

1st Mar 2014, 03:49
Disregard my last post here as I found the switch cleverly hidden;)