View Full Version : How do I link my SE account to my Steam account?

20th Jun 2014, 18:22
So my friend the other day somehow got an extra closed beta key for Nosgoth and he handed it to me. So just now I logged into the website and redeemed the key. After that I got to the page telling you how to download the page unfortunately there was no forewarning I needed to use Steam so now I have a redeemed key and no way to download the game cause it's on my SE account so I'm wondering if I can still link the two accounts and how cause there's no link on the main webpage. Otherwise I'm stuck with a unusable key.

Oh the SE account dates back to my time in the early beta for Final Fantasy 14. I don't know if that helps.

20th Jun 2014, 20:24
i thought it was on the sign in page for these forums but im not positive good luck

20th Jun 2014, 20:55
Well to link your steam account you need to go to 'User settings' then to the 'Link accounts' tab. From there you hit 'Steam' and login with your steam creditials and you set. Hope that's what your looking for.