View Full Version : PC - Chapter 3 - QuickLoad placed me in a closed gate door

28th Feb 2014, 16:12
In Chapter 3(?),
Dust to Dust, as I was in the escape part of things, I QuickSaved when I was in a part of the foundry yard where there is a metal gate off to the side and then another one 10-15 feet later. When I QuickLoaded, the game spawned me 'in' the second gate and it was closed; I could not move at all. I was stuck standing in the middle of the gate, and I could only look around; unable to move. When looking to my left, for example, I was clipping through the metal bars, with the gate's lock in the center of my view.

I don't remember where my exact position was when I QuickSaved. I have a feeling, though, it was while standing at or about where that gate is, but with the gate open.

I had to load a hard save and re-play some stuff.