View Full Version : Please give Steam keys

28th Feb 2014, 13:34

I preordered the game, preloaded the game and was hoping to play on (EU) launch today.
The problem is when I try to launch the game on Steam I get a "Failed to connect to key servers" message.

There are a lot of people with the same issue on the Steam forum:

When contacting Steam support the answer is:
"While we do our best to anticipate demand from our users, occasionally we may run out of keys to provide for your purchase. When we are out of keys, this error will appear. You will be issued a key as soon as we have been given more by the game's publisher."

So Steam is shifting the blame to Eidos. So I nicely ask if you could possibly sent those additional keys over to Steam, so players who preordered the game can play?

At least - please elegate this problem to your superiors. Thank you in advance.

Edit: Issue has been fixed. Thank you.

28th Feb 2014, 13:42
I bought this last year... the moment it appeared. I paid way to much then. I'm in utter shock that everyone in my circle is playing this game right now except me. The one-two member kickstart-based companies are now superior then these big greedy retards. And I'm the biggest retard to pre-order so soon and expensive. I'm never pre-ordering anything from giant companies. Nothing but disappointment. I want compensation for this. And the game better not disappoint too!