View Full Version : Shadow glitch

28th Feb 2014, 13:34

That's what happens when a guard walks by a lamp post or something,the shadow looks inverted and really weird.It happens during the prologue and on the city streets.I've got no clue as to what is the actual cause myself
Running on -
Win7 Ultimate SP1 64Bit
AMD Phenom II X2 545 3.00GHz
RAM - 4gigs
Video card - NVIDIA 9800 GT, driver - 334.89,latest non-beta driver


This happens on both 64bit version of the game and 32bit, this was taken on lowest settings of the game by the way.
Anyone got any ideas on how to fix that?

28th Feb 2014, 14:14
Looks exactly like the bug I have. If you take a closer look at the screenshot posted in this thread, you can see that not only the guards shadow has a glitch, but all the shadows on the whole ground are broken. The streetlights, especially the one on the right, are surrounded by tiles of shadow that suddenly end at straight lines, when they should cast a smooth circle of light on the ground.