View Full Version : A Lady's Bequest progression bug.

28th Feb 2014, 08:07
Hello everyone,

So the problem is I've already visited that house and got everything in it long before I recieved this quest. Now that I have the quest when I go back to the house there is absolutely nothing new in it... I am standing exactly where the marker shows(0 meters), I've checked every nook and cranny, I completed another chapter(hoping it would unbug itself), nothing helped.:(

So, does anyone know a way to finish this quest or is it stuck for good?

Thank you.

28th Feb 2014, 14:55
Nevermind, I finally figured it out. Guess I was missing something after all. This thread can be deleted, thx.

1st Mar 2014, 02:40
What did you do? I am still stuck at that part.

3rd Mar 2014, 13:41
What did you do? I am still stuck at that part.

Let's just say it's in there somewhere and you have to find it. The marker does NOT point directly to it.