View Full Version : Impossible to ghost "Steal the automatons voice box"

28th Feb 2014, 07:47
Possible spoilers below.

The game is riddled with bugs and here is one of them.

On the side mission "Steal the automatons voice box" it is impossible to ghost the mission. I won't even go inte the fact that you are forced to enter the building via only one entrance but focus on how the game is broken for those wanting to ghost.

As you have entered the building you are left with two options:
1. Enter ventilation to the right - raise no suspicion.
2. Go forward and be seen by guard to your left.
-> 1.

This takes you to the (1)safe room or a new sent of (2)ventilation.

Both options will have you remain unseen.

If you choose (1) you will notice the safe has an alarm and thus need to venture forth into the building to disable it leaving you with going to the next set of ventilation (2).

This ventilation tunnel takes you opposite of the entrance leaving you with two options:
1. Going out of the ventilation and being seen by a guard.
2. Going back.

And here you are stuck in a loop if you want to remain unseen.

One has to ask - have you playtested all missions for ghosting?

21st May 2014, 13:57
I'd say it is impossible to 'Ghost' it but it isn't impossible to complete it without being detected and not killing/knocking out anyone as I've literally just done that a few minutes ago:


22nd May 2014, 19:06
The problem with this mission, as it is with Vittori's dead cat mission, they both heavily depend on scrips. Scripts that unfortunately are broken, most of the time. That's why sometimes guards are located in places where they aren't supposed to be, facing in directions they are not supposed to face and so on...

Especially quick loading and quick saving kill the fragile scripts... if they aren't broken in the first place. All of this is no problem, unless you want play as a 100% ghost.

23rd May 2014, 09:54
the optional thieving objectives dont always count as far as im concerned. im playing a game with no aerial takedowns set as an option, yet in one mission, cant recall if it was a client/city mission or a chapter, to earn an optional objective i had to perform however many, lets say 2, to get it. i found a few instances where my objectives where at odds with my settings

18th Jul 2014, 19:38
Here is how prenatual solved the missions (at 13:02):


His solution is amazing, but yes purist ghosting seems impossible because of the guard by the stairs. He eploited a few glitches to get an all-zero stats on alerts.