View Full Version : Botched thief release, cant run offline

28th Feb 2014, 02:32
Firstly, I am disappointed with the release. That you can't buy a DVD copy of the game really annoys me.

Not only that, you have to go through steam, the big corrupt middleman corporation, and get this, download a 20GB version of the game, which took over two days to download on my Internet, which is slow because I have low bandwidth, but high speed. What a damned inconvenience, How does this help consumers get their purchased product immediately??????

Now on to games issues: My issue is copying a windows 7 thief installation 64 bit to a windows xp 32 bit, to run thief on two pcs. Havent been able to do this with thief but I can with other games, like dota 2, is there some compatibility problem transferring like this for this game? please help. Also the second you launch the game, you are asked to make a square enix account. Why would I want to do this when I already have the game through steam account? Like I don't want to deal with making some support account I don't have time for. I just want to play the damned game, why is it so hard to do that.

Sadly this release won't live up to the original three games, it will be more like a sideliner. But what you expect from a company that sells out to steam. Congratulations on the botch.