View Full Version : Stuck on a rope, and can't drop off

28th Feb 2014, 02:09

So I'm early in the game—specifically, Garrett's first visit to the City, after the prologue and the clock tower. While running around completing Basso missions, I noticed an opening in the ceiling above (near where the wife and husband are arguing—"a real man would provide for his family!"), with an anchor for a rope arrow. So I fired a rope arrow into the anchor, climbed up, grabbed the few loot items in the small room above...

And now, I can't get back down.

If I crouch next to the opening and press Space to drop down, Garrett swoops instead (he doesn't actually move; he just does the swooping animation and I hear the sound effect).

I can climb down the rope, but even if I climb all the way to the bottom, it won't let me jump off. I've pressed every key and mouse button dozens of times—nothing happens.

Anyone know how to fix this?

28th Feb 2014, 02:12
Never mind—I just figured it out. I had to press "X" to drop down. Silly me.

Really unintuitive, though.

28th Feb 2014, 03:01
Yeah, I mapped both crouch and drop down onto x by accident (the game doesn't notify you that you have a conflict). It was a very happy accident because it works much better that way.