View Full Version : cannot put away throwables

28th Feb 2014, 01:54
I can pick up bottles.. to toss and make guards look for the noise.. but if i select the throwable ( pc button 0 ) and i decide not to and try something different.. i cannot put the throwable away... i just carry it in my hand... there should be a way to put it away, or in classic thief drop it.. only work around i can see is to select an arrow type and put it away...

21st Apr 2014, 19:02
So there's no way to drop them?

21st Apr 2014, 20:18
I may have re-mapped the 'escape/back out' key to tilde (~), but I'm pretty sure that's what I always did to put it away. Don't think I had to switch to an arrow before the tilde would work.

I don't like how if you have a wall or object on your right and you scroll through your inventory too close to that wall/object, the bottle will break and create noise when you scroll over the throwable slot.

21st Apr 2014, 20:28
How do you put objects down?

21st Apr 2014, 21:58
Doubt you can, once you pick one up. The game is more about delivering a certain, prescribed, pre-defined gamey experience to you by limiting options, rather than letting you have the realistic experience you want by providing realistic options.