View Full Version : Game has bouts of extremely bad stuttering and FPS drops

28th Feb 2014, 01:42
I'm having the title issues on all graphics setting levels, and with V-Sync off! :( It seems to happen most during cutscenes, but also is happening randomly during gameplay.
My PC isn't exactly a monster gaming PC, but it's above the minimum requirements..

My PC has:
AMD Athlon X4 760K FM2 CPU @ 3.8 Ghz
4Gb 1600 Mhz RAM
2Gb Radeon 7850
500 Gb 7200 RPM HDD
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
1680x1050@60Hz Monitor

I'm playing the Steam version of the game, with the latest patch as far as I'm aware.

Any help would be very appreciated! :)