View Full Version : This game needs sound filters.

28th Feb 2014, 00:02
Eidos, it boggles my mind how neither you nor so many other game developers haven't considered this, but it irritates me to no end when a character (eg. Garrett) speaks near an NPC and is meant not to be heard. PLEASE add a sound filter to Garrett's lines of inner monologue to emphasize that they are his thoughts, otherwise it is exceptionally immersion-breaking.

No sane person would talk aloud to themselves while lockpicking a safe three feet away from a shop keeper!

Note however that I'm actually experiencing audio issues in that I can't actually hear dialog from Garrett or anyone else, nor do my subtitles appear. Still, fixing this and adding the inner monologue filter are necessary!

28th Feb 2014, 05:54
Yeah good luck with that

28th Feb 2014, 06:24
I noticed when Garrett is giving the book once he has found it and ::spoiler:: finds his friend has been kidnapped the music is louder than the talking. I could hardly hear them talking to each other about his friend being kidnapped by the Barron. I only knew that his friend was kidnapped when I started the next mission. The voice audio gets sketchy in different chapters and trying to hear the villagers talk amongst each other gets bad too. I sometimes hear them echoing or repeating their conversations. Hopefully, this can get fixed.