View Full Version : Deus Ex: Abridged Revolution pt 1: The Lengthy Intro

27th Feb 2014, 21:20
As the title suggests, I have made Deus Ex Abridged Revolution pt 1. View the link here:


27th Feb 2014, 21:41
Sound quality is terrible. Jokes...not Deus Ex worthy. Still had the occasional giggle though :)

28th Feb 2014, 02:37
Well the quality of the sound samples varies a lot. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's distorted, sometimes there's audible breath sounds. The real issue I have with the audio is that the mixing needs a lot of work. I stopped watching four minutes in because I couldn't follow what the characters were saying. Which is a shame, because I was enjoying the video. It may be irreverent but I think Human Revolution can stand up to a little irreverence. "Your mother stinks" was lame, but it was saved by "That's gonna bite us in the ass."

Good job on the editing, though. Aside from the quality of some of the samples, as mentioned, they were well put together and you did a good job creating a believable soundscape to fit the action happening on screen. Just needs work on the mixing. I want to hear what the secret cabal of yellow mannequins are saying, not the bleeps and bloops of Page's Skype UI.

28th Feb 2014, 02:43
Deus Ex Dalek Revolution.

18th Mar 2014, 04:56
Sorry for the long reply but thanks for all the feedback. I hate to tell you guys this but there are other abridges that I am working on that are in front Deu Ex. Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of Waabridged Episode 3: STOP SAYING MAINSTREAM, Cather-bridged Episode 1: Where the **** did she come from, and Shen-bridged 2 episode 2: There's a Wong in my pants that's full of Joy must come before Deus Ex Abridged Revolution part 2: I shot the Jensen but I did not shoot the Megan Reed. Rest assured that I will take EVERY bit of feedback into account and make the 2nd ep of Deus Ex Abridged Revolution as awesome as I can. Please be patient, that's all I ask