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27th Feb 2014, 18:54
PS3 Edition

Audio Bug

Looping conversation about the Eel Biter gang leader down in South Quarter by the Docks after discovering Basso's condition post Chapter 3. Prior to this, the conversation was not stuck on an endless loop. I completed Basso's first four side jobs, Ector's first job, Vittori's first job, and the Bank Heist.

Audio/Trigger Bug

Occasionally during gameplay certain conversations will not trigger, especially during missions. For example, on Vittori's first mission, when approaching the building that requires the NPC trigger for the door to open: Garret did not make any comments upon approaching the building and the second conversation between the two NPC's did not occur. No alerts were sounded, Garret aroused no suspicions at any point during gameplay. It was my first playthrough of that mission, but I was suspicious so I loaded my game. The end of the NPC's first conversation triggered. Garret still made no comment on building approach. The second conversation triggered successfully. Third playthrough of the mission resulted in a successful trigger of Garret's comment on building approach. These sorts of instances have occurred on other missions. Replaying the missions and frequent loading has allowed me to catch them.

27th Feb 2014, 18:59
I created this post in the hopes that people will post bugs they find here so that when the developers need data on what to fix, it can easily be found under a single thread instead of an endless stream of multiple posts. It should make it easier for them to find what's wrong with the game and be able to fix it even more quickly if we present them with one thread where they can just quickly reference a post of multiple bugs and keep it organized. I hope the general community agrees with this and I hope you will post your finds here just for efficiency's sake. Please feel free to post away :)