View Full Version : PC - Did I miss any cutscenes in first mission or two?

27th Feb 2014, 16:55
As I've been playing, it seems like I'm missing some narrative pieces. Am I? Makes me wonder if some cutscenes didn't play. For example, regarding the Prologue and Chapters 1 & early parts of 2... (Caution: narrative spoiler elements)

1) Why does Garrett not acknowledge or mention his green eye at all? It's like he wakes up a year later without any questions. (If I had Focus enabled, would I have seen a cutscene explaining his eye getting green and how it has poppy-powered capabilities?)

2) In his first visit to the hideout, why does Garrett say, "Jenivere?" in a caring voice? As far as I know, I haven't seen or heard the name Jenivere or seen Jenivere up to this point, so there's no emotional impact on me. Just makes me go, "Huh? Who's Jenivere and why does Garrett care? Why am I supposed to care?" Since this is a standalone game, not a sequel, it didn't make sense. Made feel like I had missed a cutscene introducing Jenivere.

I think there have been a couple more, "Huh??" moments, but can't think of them off-hand. I can understand wanting to create narrative mysteries...but if that's all it is, and I'm seeing all the cutscenes, the mysteries are not being set up very well, imo.