View Full Version : thief wont install from disc

27th Feb 2014, 11:58
thief wont install from the disc!
I put the disc into the drive and run setup
pick language etc and steam opens.
I have put in the serial number.
the disc then stops spinning and it has a screen with "creating local game cache files" and "preparing thief files for install"...
and that's it, nothing is happening.

only thing I think I did was I have the bank heist edition and I put that code in first and it told me I had to use the other normal game code first.

my modem light is very slowly blinking, but I think its trying to install the entire game from online!
in my steam games list it appears as "thief - update required"
if I select "delete local content" the install changes to "installing disc one" but nothing happens. I get a second smaller window saying its uninstalling.
if I cancel that then the game goes to greyed out in my games list and it I click install using steam if comes up with a prompt telling me it will download it and take 4 days!!!!

how do I get this to install from disc?
why wont it install from disc instead of trying to install from steam online?
I seem to remember having this sort of issue with other games on steam, portal and half life!

after 10 years of waiting this is incredibly frustrating !


27th Feb 2014, 12:12

The game should install from disc, but you will be required to download an update, as well as potentially some bonus content, from Steam. What is the speed of your internet connection? Steam should indicate how much data it needs to download

Note that the overall game is over 20gigabytes, and most of that should be coming from your disc.

27th Feb 2014, 12:29
it doesn't give me a time, it just sits there saying "creating local game cache files" and "preparing thief files for install"...

my internet is pathetically slow.
if I try clicking the install from within steam (not from the setup exe on the disc) it says it will take 4 days at 64kb (yet my connection is a 256kb)

as soon as I put the disc in and hit install steam shows up as "thief - update required"
its like its instantly looking to head off to download it.
surely the disc drive should start spinning up and the majority of the content should start installing from disc before its starts thinking about what updates are required.
why cant the game just happily install before steam determines what updates etc are needed?

basically its like its ignoring the disc all together and seems determined to download from steam and there isn't anything I can do about it.

27th Feb 2014, 12:35
I just found I had limit auto updating schedule set to 2am (its 11:30pm here now)
I found thief in the list along with other paused games requiring updates.
its saying it needs to download 19.8 gig!!!

27th Feb 2014, 12:39
ok, I think I have solved it.
I tried the backup and restore games but instead of picking a steam folder, I picked the d drive
suddenly thief jumped back to the top of the game update list and the dvd drive spun to life.
it seems to be now installing from disc. maybe for some reason the download update scheduler was upsetting the install? seems weird,
I will post in here if it successfully installs :)

27th Feb 2014, 12:52
between disc 1 and 2 it started downloading again when the prompt came up to insert next disc.
on the network usage on the left hand side its showing as disc busy with a red dot.
downloaded jumped to 15.3 gig of 19.8 gig as its getting next chunk from disc 2, yay!

27th Feb 2014, 13:16
yay, installed,
its now downloading 1.6 gig which I imagine is the bank heist dlc and/or additional updates.

so if anyone else is having a prob with installing from disc, check your download timing schedule and use the back up and restore games and point it towards the d drive

maybe this needs to be put into some sort of known bugs list (in a less rambling way, sorry about that) because surely im not the only one that's had this problem.