View Full Version : Stuck in Chapter 2 with No Alerts ON (mild spoiler alert)

27th Feb 2014, 08:32
In order to progress in Chapter 2 Dust to Dust Garrett must Follow the path of the dead - Hook onto the assembly line. I am playing with No Alerts ON which means I must remain undetected; however, the game mechanism for moving into the next area is requiring that Garrett be detected and consequently failing the mission.:scratch::nut::mad2:

Well...unfortunately after hooking onto the assembly line and the assembly line moves Garrett into the next area Thief will not allow him to drop down until the Guard sees him. No matter what I try Garrett remains hanging onto the hook and is detected; thus, the mission fails. It appears that there is no way to get past this point in Chapter 2 with No Alerts ON. And, there is no way to temporarily turn off No Alerts after starting a new game.

Ah! Someone else figured it out...the Drop Key (default is 'x') doesn't work; but, the Cancel Action key does...but it has to be clicked twice before it works. Inconsistent and misleading, I'd still call it a bug because Garrett actually says it's time to Drop Down. Well...at least I'm past this part...