View Full Version : Thief PC forgets Invert MOUSE Y-AXIS ON setting & first key presses not detected

27th Feb 2014, 08:21
Thief forgets my invert MOUSE Y-AXIS ON setting. Everytime I startup Thief I have to go into Mouse & Keyboard Settings and invert the Y-Axis...the setting is not being saved.

Also, the instructions for some of the features such as swoop indicate that the user should press SPACE to swoop. That is not working...the user has to press SPACE twice in order for swoop to work...like a double click. The same problem occurs with the Use key when opening a window or grate...the key has to be clicked twice. Oddly enough it works the first time when grabbing loot, opening chests, picking locks, climbing crates, etc.

My suspicion is that the devs at Nixxes are using the KeyPress event...which on a Windows PC is NOT a valid event...Windows creates a Windows Message in order to fake that event...and doesn't always send that message to all of the consumers. In the Windows world only the Key Up events should be used for detecting a user keystroke since it is tied to a hardware event and not simply a operating system generated message.

27th Feb 2014, 17:26
Exact same behavior here, this is a bug. Win8.1x64, R290X, 14.2 drivers.