View Full Version : Text bug

27th Feb 2014, 01:03
So I've been playing thief and loving the game, however I've run into a bit of an annoying bug with the text in game. At times it seems to disappear, and other times it seems to fluctuate rapidly. This is by no means a game breaking bug, however it is a annoyance. As you can see in the video, I have most of my settings at normal and it runs perfectly fine other than the text. Also, there is a point in the video where you can see that the inventory select wheel has an issue loading the images.
Please excuse the jumping around in the video and also the lack of editing. I recorded this with the free version of fraps and did absolutely no editing as I just wanted to get this bug into the hands of the developer as quick as possible.

Played on PC
AMD FX-8320
Radeon HD 7790 crossfired with R7 260X
XBOX 360 controller