View Full Version : Cutscenes very lagging, off sync and game is way too choppy and slow. CPU uses 100%

26th Feb 2014, 22:44
So when launching Thief, all the intro cinematics have really choppy sound, I can hit escape and the menu works ok although really laggy, the benchmark says I get 14.5 average frames a second and the cut scenes in the game are completely out of sync, like the spoken words are a few seconds off from when they actually talk and that completely kills any will to actually play.

I really don't know what to do, Windows is fully updated, graphics drivers are up to date, only thing I can think about is that the game isn't optimized for something I have.

Here is my dxdiag information


I also runn Dual Monitors

If anyone has any work arounds PLEASE tell me, but I have tried everything I have seen.

Below is a list of the things I have tried and DID NOT work

Ran the game in 32 bit mode
Lowered Resolution
Updated my video drivers, again.
Turned it off and back on again
Lowered Graphics
V Sync off