View Full Version : Pre-load Complete; unreleased

26th Feb 2014, 22:42
I bought the Master edition few hours ago and I cannot play the game. It's saying that it's unreleased on my steam library. *sigh*

Edit: I also cannot find thief folder in steamapps. I checked it out because someone on steam offered a solution through there, but it's not there.

Edit 2: On Local files tab in settings, it says Disk usage: 24702 MB, Current content BuildID: 0 and nothing happens when I click "browse local files."

27th Feb 2014, 01:38
I couldn't find it on my computer after pre-loading it when it was in the pre-release state either. When it launched for my region, it magically appeared. Maybe file a Steam support ticket, if the game has launched in your region...

27th Feb 2014, 06:12
I think that preloaded game is hidden somewhere in some encrypted form and compressed files in a cache or something and is extracted/decrypted on release then.

27th Feb 2014, 07:06
Preloaded files are stored in Steam\depotcache folder in an encrypted form. I don't know if the encryption key is account-based or computer-based and if you can copy the depotcache contents between computers to save time and bandwidth.