View Full Version : Chapter 2 Freezing Xbox One

Soaring Spoon
26th Feb 2014, 19:51
I get to the chapter 2 loading screen and every time half way through loading it freezes. I have re-installed the game several times and even started a new game. Every time it freezes half way though loading chapter two. This is by far the most broken console game I have ever gotten and I have lost quite a bit of faith in Eidos >.>

Just to let others know. I bought this from Gamestop and they told me that I could replace the game, which I am going to. And if the next copy of the game does not work they would give me a cash refund or they would trade the full value of the game towards another, alla Titanfall.

Its just so upsetting, I bought the game despite the mediocre to horrible reviews and I got ****ed due to the horrible bugs. Its unacceptable.

27th Feb 2014, 02:40
Mines doing the same thing but it's happening on chapter 3 I put 3 hours into the game as well. I'm enjoying the game but this is just dissapointing

27th Feb 2014, 02:42
Mine doing the same but it's crashing on chapter 3. This really does stink lol

28th Feb 2014, 21:02
wish mine would get past the first auto save screen right after title screen says push any button

1st Mar 2014, 03:38
I'm having the exact same issue on PC. As soon as the cut scene to the movie of the second chapter starts the game crashes.

4th Mar 2014, 01:40
I am having the same issue on Chapter 2, XBOX ONE. Should I return it to GameStop and try the downloaded version?????