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26th Feb 2014, 18:43
Hello guys. I've been getting very inconsistent framerates with this game. As long as I don't move my camera and just look at the scenery even if there are moving objects and what not I get 50+fps even on maxed out settings, as soon as I start moving the game becomes uber choppy and fps fluctuates from 1 to 60(I assume as it's rendering new objects)

I've been messing around with the gfx options both in game and the .ini file and when I lowered them the stuttering went away for the most part and I'm running at 80+fps normally but I finally figured out what makes my fps drop. It's the motion blur and the fog. On a normal level I have 80+fps as soon as I see a big cloud of fog fps drops to 30... And there's also stuttering when those stupid motion blur effects start showing up when you're running and while zooming at something.

Is there any way to COMPLETELY remove fog, and motion blur in this game? In most game you can actually turn off motion blur entirely and I don't really understand why there's no option for this here. I've disabled it in the .ini but some blur effects still play which are just killing my performance. I could probably run this game on very high if it wasn't for the damned fog and blur...

27th Feb 2014, 03:30
I had same problem until I turned off ssao and fxaa. Works great now.

27th Feb 2014, 03:39
Yea I found ssao is bugged in this game. I was getting horrible stutters and lots of lag with it on high despite still having 70+ fps. Low or off gets rid of this completely..

27th Feb 2014, 09:46
On a low-end rig like mine (9800Gt-1GB + Q6600), it seems that the "textures" setting has the more impact on the perfs, anything above "low" leads to unbearable stuttering in game, certainly due to high VRAM consumption . Not to mention i have a shadow rendering bug and a strong CPU bottleneck with this pathetic rig :-(

28th Feb 2014, 01:41
I'm not sure what hardware you have, but I'm noticing a lot of people think they need A) 32+ GIGs of RAM for everything (ie: unable to identify and address a computer bottleneck), or B) to overclock their cpu (ie: being high on chromosomes).

That said, here are my so-so, cheap PC specs. I run everything at ULTRA/High, with AA maxed out. Everything is maxed out. Frame Rate hovers just over 58 fps.

Intel 2600K, stock
16gigs Corsair Vengeance LR
Intel DBP67 Extreme Mobo (on board sound)
EVGA 780

Ram= $75
Mobo+CPU= $149
Video card= $489

Removing the video card I'm able to run, so I've found, the game with a EVGA 560TI (cost= $110, probably can find cheaper).

I'm not sure why people have problems, other than they may be pushing 8 year old 32 bit CPUs, or they're forgetting how much garbage they're loading on boot.


28th Feb 2014, 10:24
Keep an eye out here, I will be updating this and thoroughly testing stuff as soon as I can (over this weekend I should think):