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26th Feb 2014, 17:05
Platform: PC
Difficulty: Thief

Here are a list of bugs that I have encountered so far during my play with the worst bugs listed first.

1) When using peek a kind of secondary camera pops up in the corner of my screen that is looking around the corner. Reloading couldn't get rid of it (reloading worked for all of the other bugs I encountered). The bug actually progressed so now a door texture from the hiding closet completely covers the screen when using peek. This bug also affects cut scenes obscuring half the screen with the same texture. (guess it could be 2 bugs in one)
Exiting the game and reloading today got rid of it.

2) Can't go through vents. Opening vent animation plays, but doesn't put me inside. Occurred right after I accidently closed the vent on a NPC. Affected all vents. Saving and then reloading removed it.

3) Audio bug where the city guards dialogue got stuck in a loop. Happened after hearing dialogue inside a building. The loop disabled itself after going back outside, but was activated again every time I used focus. Saving and reloading removed it.

4) A civilian NPC in the city though he was a guard and was looking for me after spotting while I was crouched. Leaving the area and coming back removed it. Not sure if it was really a bug or strange gameplay mechanic, but he or any other city civilian NPC has tried to look for me before or since.

I think I won't be playing for a while until a patch is release. Kinda bums me out but I'm tired of having to reload or exit the game and reload to play.

27th Feb 2014, 11:57

I would like to inform you that we are aware of the issues that you have listed here. We are currently doing our best to resolve existing issues as soon as possible and an announcement will be made when a patch gets released.