View Full Version : Unable to jump down [PC]

26th Feb 2014, 09:06
Im in chapter 2 and I just scaled the wall into the factory compound place. I am above the guard and cannot take him down or jump down after he walks away. I have validated the files on steam but nothing was missing. http://puu.sh/7b0tw.jpg

26th Feb 2014, 09:30
Same problem. I never saved and i don't wanna start again :(

26th Feb 2014, 09:48
Funny, I remember reading about this bug in a preview a couple months ago. Looks like they never fixed it.

26th Feb 2014, 10:07
Though you can see the guard. I can't . He is just talking, it worked once then, i started the game again and he was just gone. sry for my bad english

26th Feb 2014, 11:27
Press X on your keyboard. It's the default key for "drop". And that's how you get out of the vents.