View Full Version : Thief stuck at "This game uses an auto-save feature"

25th Feb 2014, 20:32
I'm currently on my second install of Thief and I'm still stuck on the same screen (Xbox One version)

Game is simply stuck at the pre-menu screen where it says "This game uses an auto-save feature. Please do not turn off your xbox one console while this symbol is displayed."

Can't click anything and restarting the game doesn't do anything, just get stuck at the same screen. Thought initially it was because I was trying to play with the game at that '50% but can still play state' but its still won't work at 100%

Any advice or insight would be fantastic, I just dropped 60$ bucks on this and would actually like to play it...

28th Feb 2014, 19:31
same issue wtf

17th Mar 2014, 22:18
I have the same problem, is this being looked into? Any info on this will be nice.

30th Mar 2014, 20:03
Did you ever get this fixed. I just posted the same problem today 3/30/2014. Thanks!