View Full Version : Can you say "cold shower"?

25th Feb 2014, 19:10
Wow - what a letdown on what should have been a glorious day for Thief and us longtime fans. My quad-core uber-laptop, which runs anything else I throw at it beautifully, can't run Thief worth a damn. It's like it's 2004 all over again with the same choppiness Deadly Shadows had even on the best computers. So this is what we waited five years for, huh?

25th Feb 2014, 19:13
What are you specs and in-game settings?

28th Feb 2014, 04:34
The NVidia 660 is handling what I've seen with max settings, very well.

Of course, I've seen about two minutes of the game before it freezes me at a ledge.

Yeah I was there 16 years ago when Thief first showed up, and was excited about this - obviously over-much.