View Full Version : Text glitch with AMD Crossfire enabled

25th Feb 2014, 14:00
*EDITED: See fix below*

My specs:
TWO AMD HD 6900 video cards in Crossfire configuration, 13.12 Catalyst Version
Windows 7 ENT 64-bit
8GB ram
SSD raid0

With Crossfire enabled at any resolution, much of the text in the game is missing letters in the words (ie the word PLAY would actually appear as P AY on the screen with the L missing) Some times the words can be made out, but many of the gameplay prompts are affected by this and it completely breaks the gameplay/immersion. If I disable Crossfire, I obviously get greatly reduced graphics performance.

Please advise!

25th Feb 2014, 14:34
Fraps does this for me. Disabling fraps fixes it.

Are you recording the game by any chance?

25th Feb 2014, 16:44
I did have fraps open, but upon closing it and restarting the game, I still have the issue :mad2:

1st Mar 2014, 02:52
For anyone else experiencing this glitch, the fix is to upgrade your AMD driver to the 14.2 beta (at this time) version.

1st Mar 2014, 05:11
You've verified that the 14.2 drivers will fix this?

1st Mar 2014, 07:07
I have 7950`s in crossfire and using the 14.2 Catalyst drivers and all seems fine.

1st Mar 2014, 07:34
Confirmed! 14.2 drivers fixes the text issue. Thanks!