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22nd Feb 2014, 04:45
Hi, I've registered here just to ask one question: Should I play first the original version or the Director's Cut?

I bought the original version for a very good price and just then the DC version was announced for the PS3 too, and I've recently bought it for a cheap price too, so I thought that I would just sell the original version that is still sealed, but then I read about the technical differences like the new lighting without the "golden" effect that some people think that makes the game look worse (in a youtube video comparison someone called it the "piss effect" XD) but others say that it looks better because the effect was supposedly intentional and looked cooler and more original, it would be like changing the illumination or the color scheme in the photography for a movie like, idk, The Matrix, it would be weird, and in some pics I've seen the graphics look better with the golden lighting, and I guess that's the way that it should look. However I also remember that when the DC was announced, the publishers said that the graphics would be improved. :mad2:

And now I come to this forum looking for some info and I find that some sound fx have been compressed, there are framerate issues that the original game didn't have, there are problems with many floor textures, and other problems that were supposedly fixed with patches for the original version (stuttering?) have not been fixed for this new version.

But the DC supposedly has more game options (for bosses fights and stuff like that), has the dlc integrated and I don't know what else, but is supposed to be the "ultimate" version, the Director's Cut.

Sooo... now I just don't know which one should I play first. I've decided that I'll play and probably keep both versions just in case, but if you had to play the game for the first time ever, which version would you choose having played both PS3 versions?

22nd Feb 2014, 20:57
I'd say either get the original or wait untill DC is patched. Which... may never happen. DC seriously needs a patch... A PROPER patch and on all systems.

On a side note, I don't think the WiiU version has the texture isssues and things like that. Gee, I wonder where their priorities went...

23rd Feb 2014, 03:44
Thanks TPC.

Does anybody else have the WiiU version to know if it has all those issues?

5th Mar 2014, 22:05
Well, if the DC would work well as the original HR, then heck yeah for DC. No contest there. From some of the gameplay for the bit of time that it actually worked, oh yeah, the graphic and sounds are much better. It's so cool to see the expanded muzzle flash when you're blasting away on his carbine. I was looking forward to the added boss fights too! lots of details.. I like it.