View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy on Wii U

19th Jun 2014, 23:40
Hello. I would love to have the Kingdom Hearts Remixes, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 on Wii U.

I've been playing Final Fantasy games since Final Fantasy VIII on PS1. I've played them all up to FFX-2. I miss the 7th gen of gaming but now I'm back with my Wii U and 3DS. Given the rich history of Final Fantasy games on Nintendo platforms, I think you should bring 15 to Wii U. The success of Bravely Default shows that there's an audience for quality JRPGs on Nintendo platforms.

Now onto Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is my favourite gaming franchise of the new century. I've played every one of them but Birth By Sleep. Loved every bit of it. Amazing characters, compelling story and an excellent battle system. Given that most of the games in the Kingdom Hearts franchise has appeared on Nintendo platforms, I think it's reasonable to give the Nintendo audience a chance to own these games that were never available to them.

The Remixes will catch us up on the series so far and Kingdom Hearts 3 will be an instant must buy on Wii U for me. Please bring these games to the Wii U. It would make this audience very happy.