View Full Version : Should Agent 47 be a hitman?

11th Feb 2014, 18:12
I think in the next game Id like to see Agent 47 be a hitman, I didnt feel he was a hitman in the last game. Has the series changed that he isnt a hitman anymore? I miss just taking paydays for taking people out. I dont care about feelings or emotion just the gameplay and completing the tasks given in a professional manner. If he isnt a hitman anymore what is Agent 47 these days?

It seems the game is going more in a romance direction with the last game, if so I think alot of players of visual novels like me would like a story more based around romance as the core plot device of the story.

11th Feb 2014, 22:13
Fortunately IO said they're going back to Hitman's roots and drawing inspiration from the previous games. We can only hope that they scrap the terrible story\game design that Absolution had and go back to what made the series famous to begin with.