View Full Version : Use of Explosives

7th Feb 2014, 01:58
i liiikeee explosions..

i more like controlled explosions or strategic ones over the huge explosions that seem unnecessary only for visual effect

they can be very effective... especially the remote mines because you can detonate them from afar

i can remember a few times to avoid a long trek or a dangerous route i would plant an explosive next to a wall - when the target was on the other side and blow it... killing him from outside the room

i have never really seen any damage to the walls though...

i think it could be cool if we could blow down a few walls with explosives and sometimes create a new path...

i for sure don't think it should work on all walls... not even most walls

just a few throughout the game, maybe don't even make them necessary, just possible!

obviously it would create a little attention and would create some chaos... but nothing 47 couldn't sneak away from ;)

anyone else??