View Full Version : Bonus saves

3rd Feb 2014, 19:31
What do y'all hardcore fans think about bonus saves?

I didn't feel the need to save in most Hitman missions. But there were few ones where the beginning was very frustrating when repeated. For example in Death Of Hannelore you had to run for like two minutes through sewers labyrinth and then climb up right to quite risky situation. I had similar feeling in Shogun Showdown, but then i found a bonus save, which was very helpful if you want to achieve silent assassin in this mission. Too bad bonus saves weren't in more missions like the one i mentioned above.

I would like to see something like that in new Hitman. Not necessarily a bonus save you can use whenever you want, but something more like a checkpoint. Of course not the "doors are locked now and you cannot go back" Absolution style of checkpoint, but just save as soon as you reach some milestone like after entering a building some creative way.

Or do you think there should not be any save when playing on pro difficulty?