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31st Jan 2014, 15:21
Hi, my first post.

I just had an awesome idea for a hitman level, and dunno how to let you guys know so.. posting here.


Right? 120k people, guards, halftime show, 2 football teams, coaching staff, vendors, electricians, plumbers, announcers, penthouse suites, ultra rich rooms, pre game, reporters... it would be epic

Plenty of back areas to sneak around in, light rigging, halftime stuff set up, locker rooms, vender only areas, guard rooms, VIP sections

and cameras EVERYWHERE.

Remember the game where the lights shut down for almost an hour, and they had to stop everything while they furiously looked for the problem? That could have been a Hitman!!!!

and you gotta kill 1 person. And you start in the parking lot, without a ticket.

How to get in?
How to get in with the weapon you want?
actual scripted game, 4 full quaters.. halftime show.. cheerleaders... post game celebration...

It would be the most epic level of any hitman ever. You guys would be LEGENDARY game makers, other games would be compared to Hitmans Superbowl for ALL TIME.

Contracts mode for this level would be nigh infinite... kill a particular player, AFTER he scores a touchdown...
kill a mob boss/team owner/company CEO/playboy in a box seat up top.
kill national anthem singer
kill a particular coach
kill the guitar player for the band at halftime
silently kill the NFL commisioner
kill the head of security, a sick pervert that is into ... who knows what...
kill investigative reporter trying to uncover team doping...

what do you think? Players, are you salivating thinking about this level? As soon as I thought of it I was....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have a superbowl level???

3rd Feb 2014, 20:43
Good idea but seems a little too complicated to develop.
i would rather like a mission on airport or even a mission to kill someone on plane!
we had a murder on land,river,swamps but not in air.
Idea with several differnt countries is perfect and story i know story'll be perfect also :D

3rd Feb 2014, 22:21
This would be pretty epic and reach out to a wider audience as opposed to the niche fans who already will buy the game no matter how good or bad it is.

Id like to here more about this idea. Sounds like something only Agent 47 could pull off! Also multiple targets is pretty fun, thinking about it, having only one target or the same target all the time is kinda boring.

4th Feb 2014, 00:44
Oh, god no, especially for people who don't live in America. I can't stand the Super Bowl. Plus, all those NPC's, it's gonna be too complicated to develop.

4th Feb 2014, 01:52
Spot on. But don't expect much of a feedback from the Euro crowd around here.:wave:
Max Payne 2 had a decent mission in a FB stadium, but they failed to make it a BIG game like a Superbowl in NJ/NY.
Just imagine 47 taking down a crooked banker o Wall St, or preventing a terrorist attack in the Financial district, nvrmd the Grand Central station during a huge sporting event. I mean how can you just ignore the largest media outlet in the world? Some games (like GTA 4) devote the entire GAME on the NJ/NY metro area.:eek
Hell even a ****ty game like GTA knew they could run a game featuring NY and it would sell. Imagine if a REAL game like Hitman could do for the Franchise??
Don't get me wrong though.. I LOVE the old historical places and scenes you can only be seen in Europe, Asia or the Middle East.

4th Feb 2014, 06:34
And imagine Agent 47 to a stadium balloon, which fly over the stadium, and in his hands... yes... a sniper.

4th Feb 2014, 08:01
Oh, god no, especially for people who don't live in America. I can't stand the Super Bowl. Plus, all those NPC's, it's gonna be too complicated to develop.

If I can play devil's advocate.
Wouldnt it make it more fun to cause chaos, killing them more then???

10th Feb 2014, 20:12
I have to give you praise, Cursed. Your idea is very good. I do think it may be hard to pull off in the time frame they wish to release the game. Your level idea should be considered though. Contracts would be legendary on that level! I do think the media would have a ****STORM over it though. Bad PR is not good, ya know?

10th Feb 2014, 21:09
Bad PR, in that way, has worked wonders for GTA.

10th Feb 2014, 21:35
Mikom, do you think that bad PR would sink Hitman? GTA has been more of a mainstream game for years. I can just imagine CNN and Fox News complaining about this hypothetical Super Bowl level.

10th Feb 2014, 21:50
If GTa has taught us anything, it's that you can picket and complain how much you want, as long as the game sells it's going to stay. And the more people hear about the game, especially games that are supposed to be too dark, the more potential buyers, The satanic craze in the 80-90s didnt exactly stop the selling of heavy metal albums.

And because this game isnt backed by sponsors that would feel the need to back out if there were bad press, like with a tv show or movie, I think their funding would be pretty safe. As long as it sells, people want a piece. And if people hear about a politically incorrect Superbowl level, even more people would likely play it just to see what the talk is about. But dont get me wrong, with a game flat out called Hitman, the media would have a field day.