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30th Jan 2014, 16:33
Hi IO,

first of all, I decided to make a new topic for this one, because I would like to see a discussion and I don't want to flood "suggestions" thread wih it.

I am nearly finishing my Hitman 1-4 playthrough (for like 5th time), I thought how cool it was to have critical conditions in few missions during the old games, for example H:C47 & H:C mission Seafood Massacre and H2:SA mission The Jacuzzi Job.

For those who don't remember

It had crucial conditions:
Get the Red Dragon negotiator before he reaches the restaurant.
(Conceal the Red Dragon negotiator's body.)
Drop a Red Dragon amulet at the table of the restaurant to ensure they take the blame.

and in Jacuzzi Job you had to steal items to make it look like a robbery.

I would love to have something like this in new Hitman game! Few cases for example which came to my mind:
it can be crucial condition (on a specific mission or exclusively on higher difficulty settings like in old Thief games)) Or even a reward after getting SA in previous mission.

Something like: Choose difficulty: easy/normal/expert/professional - Bonus conditions: ...

case 1, Optional - Client will pay more money/unlocks weapon/higher points ration/whatever) if target died by accident, and you were not seen and no evidence left behind (your suit, weapons and not being caught on the camera, clearly not H:A evidence...).

case 2, Clients wants it to look like a robbery (kill target like and amateur and steal something)

case 3, Clients wants target to die with specific weapon (i.e. Target's favourite katana form his collection or by weapon provided by client himself as some sort of payback). So you have to either go and take the weapon from ICA crate or go and steal it first.

case 4, Client wants specific type of death, like Headshot from gun to make it look like suicide, or stabbed by knife. It can even go as far as specific number of bullets fired in his body and some item left on the scene.

+ you could take a photo of it as a proof (like in one mission in H2)

Don't get me wrong, we all love to kill targets with accidents or fiber wire, but this will certainly refresh the replayability a lot.

31st Jan 2014, 16:39
I think this is a great idea, having bonus objectives to up the difficulty.

31st Jan 2014, 20:49
Thank you! Oh and IO forget about higher difficulty more guards here and there. It was terrible idea.