View Full Version : More in-depth aim system.

30th Jan 2014, 02:29
Hitman 6 should have separate settings for camera/aim sensitivity. The camera sensitivity and the aim sensitivity should both be separate. I noticed this in the first Kane & Lynch and it was removed in the second. I've just started to notice it in GTA V. But anyway, for the purposes of moving and looking around, I want the camera to move as fast as possible, but for aiming I want the sensitivity lower so I can aim more easily. This is something so obvious I can't believe you don't see it often in games. Also, when Hitman is behind cover, the camera movement should not slow unless he is aiming. That was something I noticed while playing GTA V, it was pointless.

Also, an extra slow aiming mode like in Contracts where you could fine tune the aim, I don't know why it was removed in Blood Money.

This is very important you have to do this.

31st Jan 2014, 17:14
Yes please fine tune the aiming so it's precise and more formal than just the camera.