View Full Version : A potential mission in London/UK?

26th Jan 2014, 13:52
I think it'd be great if you made a hit in London (Diana is from Britain too so would be interesting to see her reactions) the mission could start/finish on the tube and you could make use of lots of AI, but of course being Hitman it would have some dark traits/music to the level to make it feel like only a Hitman game.

Could be set maybe at South Bank and near Westminster (snipe from the millennium wheel or big Ben, or cause some sort or accident kills) push someone over the bridge into the Thames, many possibilities!

28th Jan 2014, 23:34
Yeah i would like a mission in the UK, either London, or Birmingham

31st Jan 2014, 16:47
I would like a mission somewhere in Denmark where the IO are from. Or at least somewhere in Scandinavia.