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Crazy Hitman Fan
24th Jan 2014, 20:44
Dear IO Interactive developers:

I cannot express how happy I am to know that you are starting to make the next Hitman game,
because in my opinion it's the best saga ever created in mankind! And it's also the one that I
have most experience in, i've played all of the Hitman games hours and hours, and i still do,
I never get bored, when a game is excellent, you can't get bored. I send this message to you
to give some of my opinions on what I and most of the fans want from this next Hitman game
you're making.
First off, you should combine all of the great features from all of the hitmans to make the game more interesting, for example, in Hitman Silent Assassin there were enemies like ninjas and arabs and the
quality and the quantity of the missions made that game very fun and addicting!
Secondly, in Hitman Contracts(in my opinion the best Hitman game of all the others), the missions were really good, they were epic,
i give them a 10 out of 10 on ALL of them and depending on the ranking that you receive when you finish
missions you unlock new weapons, that was something really interesting! That ghost easter egg was also very
funny! I hope you add more easter eggs like that too, probably bigfoot or another type of ghost wouldn't be
a bad thing, or probably add some references from the past Hitman games so we get that nostalgia feeling.
Next, Hitman Blood Money, that was some evolution! Costumizing weapons and the notes that appeared when you finish
a mission was a really good thing that was added in the game!
And finaly, we have Hitman Absolution, unfortunately it was the Hitman that i didn't like the most, because you guys
removed alot of things! The graphics were the most beautiful i've ever seen that's for sure, it was a really realistic game,
but you removed the training camp where you could test out the weapons! You also added some useless things and missions are pretty linear and didn't feel like a whole level that you could explore like the past Hitman games. Also the most irritating thing was that you couldn't choose wich weapon you wanted before you started a mission! Some missions are also too short and there are not alot of varieties in terms of environment, while in the past Hitman games we've seen places from Russia to hotels, to mansions in jungles and luxury buildings. The game also had lack of objective variety, there was only one objective to complete, while on the others there were lots of them and there were even secondary objectives. It just didn't feel like a Hitman game, it still had that feel, but it
was reduced severely.
To conclude, i want the next Hitman game to have around 15 HUGE missions in various parts of the worlds (take Russia or China for example), they must not be linear and all of them HAVE to be open world and for a good variety you should also add a mission in a forest with animals like the one from Hitman Codename 47, you should add the training camp again like the one from Hitman Blood Money, make the Artifficial Intelligence WAY WAY better than it already is and add all of the good stuff from past Hitman games that i just told you.
If you do all this, i guarantee this will be the best game ever creating in mankind in my opinion, i'm not kidding!
And PLEASE, do not rush on the game, take your time to do everything, I want this game to be perfect at launch, take
5 or 6 years if you want, i don't care, i just want it to be perfect! I hope you will read this message, i love the
Hitman games and will never abbandon the saga, never!

From a Crazy Hitman Fan,
47 out.