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23rd Jan 2014, 18:09
Hello everyone,
I'm playing deus ex for the third time and this time, I wanna find every little detail in this game. I am in Maggie Chow's apartment and I can't figure out what path is this laser grid blocking (see picture below). There is just a brick wall at the other side of the laser grid. Notice when you approach the lasers for the first time, you hear something heavy move like an elevator. Also, what is the purpose of the switch that my cursor is pointing at?


My second question is also about the purpose of a switch. This one is also in Maggie Chow's apartment near the broken elevator where the homeless woman asks you for credits because she is suffering from a relapse.


Also, I know that this is probably not the right forum to ask these question so can someone please suggest some original deus ex forums that are still active? That would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

23rd Jan 2014, 19:11
You're not using any mods at all except Otpfix?

1: That is a bug in the sloppy GOTY edition (think of it as the directors cut for original Deus Ex, though perhaps not quite as bad).
The switch lowers the Buddha statue/door you see right in front of you, it just leads around into Maggie Chow's living quarters.

The original game does not have this issue and many mods out there also fix it since most people have the GOTY version.

2: There are a few communities about, though they have all lost a lot of traffic in recent times.

Try http://offtopicproductions.com/forum/index.php

Disclaimer: I do not know everything about Deus Ex. Nobody does ;)

24th Jan 2014, 00:14
Thank you very much for your quick reply CyberP. This is indeed the GOTY edition that I recently got off Steam. However, I am not using any mods at all and I don't know anything about Otpfix. But I think I know which Buddha statue your're referring to, the one in the living room with an alarm panel next to it (you can actually hear the lasers when you get close to the statue). So thanks again for that.

By the way, I figured out what the switch in the second screenshot is for. It opens a metal fence like door which you can't see in the pic because I forgot that I blew it off with my GEP gun.

24th Jan 2014, 03:52
By the way, I figured out what the switch in the second screenshot is for. It opens a metal fence like door which you can't see in the pic because I forgot that I blew it off with my GEP gun.

Oh that switch, yes. Btw you really should grab mods next time around. New Vision and the DX10 Renderer it comes bundled with, HDTP also, these are must-haves for anybody because they stay true to the original design yet improve things nicely. Then grab my mod (GMDX) to go alongside it once the next release is out (soon) :p

Also check out excellent TC's like The Nameless Mod, 2027, Nihilhum and more. Revision should be out soon also. There are many fantastic mods for Deus Ex (and other games mind you) that are must-plays that also supersede many professionally designed games out there. Though it is easier for modders as they already have assets made to make TC's and the like, though there is no pay unfortunately :(.

It's good you can appreciate the vanilla game three times in a row in 2014 though. It really is an amazing game.

Ergh, that texture on the slope there though (1st shot), I may have to rotate that right now. I'll take a screenshot in the same place also for comparison with mods.


http://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s640/CyberP1/DX_zpsf2251005.jpg (http://s1309.photobucket.com/user/CyberP1/media/DX_zpsf2251005.jpg.html)

Not the best quality shot possible because of the resolution.

Hmm, the scene there is a little devoid of decorative detail. tempted to give it a makeover but I really shouldn't.

Btw, brightness value of 60 is more reasonable and suitable I find, though in my shot it looks to be 70 or so, not sure because I change it a lot for testing.

24th Jan 2014, 06:31
Photobucket is terrible. You should use imageshack, it won't resize your images unless you tell it to.

2nd Apr 2014, 15:40
Thanks for the mod suggestions. Will check them out after I'm done with this play through.