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23rd Jan 2014, 03:34
With the game now ported to Android, isn't it not time the game came to the Vita? Here's why Edios Montreal should:

1: With the Unity (aka DE:TF graphics engine) now officially supported on the handheld, porting should be no problem on the relatively powerful handheld device.

2: Dual analogue sticks, triggers & touch-screen functionality (need I say more).

3: Lack of western RPG's & story driven FPS's in it's library.

4: Proper network connectivity & trophy support.

5: Vita has a enlarging ownerbase made up of mostly adult gamers, instead of 7 year olds & menopausal women who occasionally play Angry Birds on their smart devices.

We're not talking huge investment to make it happen, a small team could port it & optimize in no time. It would clearly be the best handheld device to experience the game & would no doubt make back whatever it's 'small' (in comparison to the industry) costs are.

23rd Jan 2014, 06:53
If it's ported by a third party who in the process "fix" such things as contextual jumping and auto-aim then I'll turn a blind eye :p It would be the best version available of The Fall anyway (if it's a solid port also).

23rd Jan 2014, 10:58
I already own The Fall on iPad, but found the touch controls off-putting. If they were to release it on Vita, for a reasonable price, I'd definitely buy it.

23rd Jan 2014, 17:15
Could I get it on my Xperia S and enjoy it for the story???

24th Jan 2014, 23:27
Why not ported to Xbox Playstation and Pc instead?

24th Jan 2014, 23:39
Why not ported to Xbox Playstation and Pc instead?

The primary selling point, at least in my eyes, is that the Fall is portable stripped Deus Ex: HR. It could work as a $5 downloadable content I maybe, but isn't Deus Ex:HR pretty cheap now as well? Without an overhaul in all aspects the Fall would be laughable side by side with DX:HR in comparison. Would people buy it?

I remember my previous statement: IDGAF what they do any more as long as DX4 is what I hope it to be. If it's just as good as DX:HR I'd be disappointed but I'd still have a blast and get my monies worth, but I want them to do more than that, to go above and beyond like DX1 did. It is a bit too much to ask really...

2nd Feb 2014, 14:52
this was the first thing that struck me when i saw that it was available on android. i would love to play it on my vita