View Full Version : Bug, or just odd dialogue?

23rd Jan 2014, 01:40
Quick question - I am playing The Missing Link for the first time, having started the Director's Cut a couple weeks ago, and I've stuck to a pacifist approach throughout (though not necessarily a stealth approach - I've used the stun gun and tranquilizer rifle quite a bit). But when I met up with Keitner after escaping the ship, she referred to Jensen's "murderous rampage" and alludes to his "bloodthirsty" approach. I'm 99.9% certain that I haven't killed a single enemy aside from the boss fights and the attack on Sarif Industries at the very beginning where I only had a regular gun.

Is this just an odd bit of dialogue, or is there some sort of bug that's causing the game to think this is a lethal playthrough?

6th Feb 2014, 21:59
When Keitner asked if you liked killing people, did you say "It doesn't keep me awake at night" or "Not if I have a choice"? If you chose the first reponse, the game thinks you're playing lethally and adjusts dialogue to fit it. If you were playing stealthily, she would just say that you're good at not getting caught no matter how many people you knocked out.

21st Feb 2014, 04:33
It's a good thing on my play through I was in fact on a murderous rampage, and that I picked the correct dialog option, otherwise I would have been mighty confused.