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20th Jan 2014, 00:34
I am a total gaming noob. I purchased an xbox 360 because I am so nuts about the movie Hitmsn; I also purchased all the games. However, does me xero good without the manuals, and Square Enix "support" has been NO SUPPORT.
Any help is appreciated!

21st Jan 2014, 16:59
Manual only has control scheme for each game, which you can find directly in the options - controls. If you dont have manual for BLood money you can find it here (english):
Hitman is stealth game, so you have to be as stealth as possible. First you have to analyze level you are in, I highly suggest to start on normal setting. If you want to start with easiest, start with Blood Money, tutorial level will show you how you should play then you can switch back to H2/contracts. Read briefings there is plenty of useful intel, and hints where agency left you some equip and stuff. If you are stuck and dont see how to progress search for walkthroughs, youtube etc. Hitman has certain rules.
Hitman 2: SIlent assassin
- you can kill 1 person (with fiberwire) to get his clothes and it will not ruin you Silent Assassin rank (highest possible)
-if you want to use anesthetics, hold down RT until all 5 flasks are gone. This way victim will sleep for 10 minutes, then he will raise the alarm, and guards will look for suspicious guy with his clothes on. Use sneak a lot.

-if you killed somebode make sure you dragged his body somewhere safe, where nobody is patroling.

Killing only 1 "innocent/guard" and target will give you SA if you did not raise alarm

Hitman: Contracts & Blood money
- anesthetics were replaced by Sedative injection (in contracts they last about 10 minutes, In blood money whole level I think).
- I dont remember if you can kill someone to get disguse or not.

Killing only target will give you SA.

Have fun.

22nd Jan 2014, 23:02
Thanks so much!

23rd Jan 2014, 02:16
Oh.....I found out during initial experimentation that you get a "point" (? terminology?) for icing a civilian!

23rd Jan 2014, 18:13
Thanks again for the help/advice.
So new that I wasn't even sure which one came first, lol.
The next hurdle (besides the game) is the fact that I cannot register "Absolution" through Square Enix. Apparently they changed many things as of late, and no longer accept 16 character serials for registration. Hey, even Microsoft gave me a new serial for Office 2010 Pro when an install would not take!