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18th Jan 2014, 23:26
Inventory, guns

2-3 holstered guns maximum at any given time on 47, under arms and maybe on the back?

capable of holstering only pistols and small smg's

Please... never, ever again remove the Silverballers from his inventory like you did in Absolution, I felt naked.

For a game that has custom guns and silencers attached to its image, removing and adding a silencer to a gun should be animated and require a few seconds to do it, not a magic on/off button!

Hitman Contracts inventory was very user friendly, hypodermic needles were awesome.

The more items you carry, the more suspicious you should look (guns showing on vest, other items)

Some kind of ammo pockets would be awesome, showing 47 changing the clips from them and the clips that remain (see dead space hud absence)

Zooming with weapons should not change mouse sensitivity, messed up the aiming in Absolution on PC

Thanks for reading !

18th Jan 2014, 23:56
They addressed a few of these on the website http://hitman.com/open-letter-to-hitman-fans/ yesterday.

And there's this thread http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=140811

24th Jan 2014, 16:37
Please bring back the W2000 sniper rifle!! It has been 47´s rifle all through the franchise i dont know why you didnt put it in Absolution but i missed it.