View Full Version : A possible thank you, and some thoughts/innput on the new game

17th Jan 2014, 12:43
Im a long time fan from the start, and have played through all the hitman games, and loved everyone exept absolution, it was horrible and I traded it in at gamestop... ill leave it at that.

But anyways, im posting this to maybe thank you in advance for bringing back the old hitman type of gameplay and I have some suggestions.

Things to add:

"bugs"- audio and/or camera bugs that 47 can plant in rooms to stake out where npc's move, if its a audio bug he can listen with a ear piece, if its a hidden camera he can view it with a smart phone or smal pc..

"electronic remote switches" that can be planted in light switches and other electronic devices to turn them on/off and they can/should be used with the audio/video bugs to switch of lights at just the right moment for 47 to act.

More possibilities to frame npc's by planting guns etc...

Fake moustaches,wiggs, tattoes, eyepatches etc, maybe even the possibility to put a pillow under your shirt to look fat (to emulate the person you are impersonating/discuising yourself as).

Maybe even add makeup to change skin tone, fake bruises etc.

briefecase, picknick basket etc to hide guns/weapons in(like it used to be).

Amo/weapon drops to pick up/leave guns/weapons.

possibility to frame/confuse npc's to do the killing for you.

possibilty to make it look like an accident on a greater scale.

hiding dead bodies in toilet stals, closets etc, not just dumpsters.

possibility to make it look like sucide in some missions where it might be plausible.

dropping things like a potedplant from a balcony on someones head, then letting the cat take the blame :D

maybe add IT skills to 47, or that he might have some assistance in hacking computers/webcams etc

Hide under beds, a desk, in a closet, behind a curtain etc.

Ability to climb buildings, structures etc

Things to remove:

Instinct mode

Linear structure (especialy forced non preventable cutscene scenarios)

Horrible/useless discuisses

"Humane" 47 (he's a "heartless assassin!!!"...or not so much as in absolution atleast, the priest who had helped him and that he tried to save in hitman 2 was far more realistic for a sociopath hitman)

Well these are just some of my first thoughts, and I signed up to the forum just to comment after reading that you where making a new hitman game and going back to the "roots" so to speak.

I would allso like to see the first hitman game beeing ported to console (im manily a console gamer) but its such a long time ago since I played the first one so ill understand if its not possible since the game was designed for pc(button layout etc).

Either way, thanks for making atleast 4 awesome games! and hope your next hitman will be on my "awesome games list" ;)

Peace, and have a nice day!

31st Jan 2014, 20:42
I agree with a lot of what you wrote. The ideas about framing other people and being more creative when it comes to accidents sounds real cool and should be implemented.

1st Feb 2014, 19:47
I think they should add the ability to sit down when waiting for npc/target to walk a certain route. One thing that always bothered me in past games is when you'd have to just awkwardly stand to wait for guards or npcs to get to a certainposition while nearby guards get suspicious of you. Please make it so if you're sitting down with a proper disguise the guards dont take a second look

1st Feb 2014, 21:35
I have to admit though that the arrows showing where the people who suspects you of something are standing might have been a good thing for the lower difficulty. It kept you from running straight into the enemy when first just getting familiar with the layout.

3rd Feb 2014, 18:37
oooo I think audio bugs would be very fun!
id like to see this in the game, the dialog is always so creative this would make that fun thing even more fun.