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17th Jan 2014, 10:53
Hi :D
I'm very exciting about the new Hitman. I'm also a huge fan of the series since Silent Assassin.
About Absolution, I really liked the new Contract Mode. It allowed for an infinite Hitman experience but unfortunately it was very basic and we didn't have what represent us in online as players except leaderboards.
So i have some suggestions for the Contract Mode:

1- The ability to create Securing an Intel or Evidence missions where the player must retrieve it. The creator can put it anywhere or at highlighted places by IO developers.
2- Co-Op with friends or random players (Imagine one snipes a Target and the other securing an Intel) and they share a percent of the money between them. But The player still can play alone.
3- The ability to kill the other player while on Co-Op mission to get all the money. You are a hitman so you must watch your back.
4- A dead player who is killed by his mission partner can put a bounty on the killer's head. This bounty can increase when he kill other player and only different ones to stop cheating.
5-There are two way i can think of to collect the bounty. First to play Co-op and a message appears to tell the player that his partner is wanted. The second one is that Players can check the wanted players list and choose one of them who is currently online and playing the game. then invade their game but secretly..Demon's soul here anyone ?!
6- Items and Weapons are important and they are not available at the beginning. They are also not that expensive like Absolution.
7- There are many key items in the contract mode that the player should buy in order to umm like detect if the partner is wanted or not. Maybe another consumable item that calls the ISA in order to erase his bounty something like that.
8- No leveling up. Cash do all the works.
9- Every player have a number like Agent 47 that represent him an Contract leaderboards and wanted lists with the ability to show his ID to add him or contact him via PSN or Xbox live or Steam.
10-Every player have an ISA card that shows his successful missions and lost ones, Rating (Silent Assassin, Shadow..etc) and other statistics.
11- It will be awesome..very very awesome if the player has a Hideout where he can access his weapons and check his laptop to access the game menu. When he accept a contract he get of his laptop and choose his weapon's then exit the hideout to start the mission.
12- Competition are random generated contracts. And the main goal is to kill the target and escape as soon as possible. The player with less time wins. Being detected increase the time by one minute per detect. Wining gives the player a high amount of cash and can be played randomly. The other player must not be on friend list.

anyway, i think Hitman 6 will be awesome with or without this suggestions because they are just to improve the online experience and some of them are waaaay to much lool. I hope the main focus will be on the singleplayer.
Thank you for reading.

17th Jan 2014, 18:07
Multiplayer looks like it'll definitely play a bigger part in this hitman; on the site with the open letter, if you click on the bottom right hand square, you can see the full image of the background.

Big map, with a bunch of different blips. 47 and a barcode are in one of them, but you can see other blips like 17 with a barcode, 21, (156?)

I don't know if this is a hint that multiplayer is going to be a big affair in hitman 6, but it sure looks like it :D

17th Jan 2014, 19:17
wow i didn't notice that at all
I think it represents the countries which we will visit to assassinate targets in story mode.

17th Jan 2014, 20:42
Of course! I'm sure when more details surface, it'll all start to come full circle. :)

18th Jan 2014, 06:53
Yes, The problem is that we will have to wait until E3 X_X

19th Jan 2014, 22:03
I have quite high hopes for this game, and if it truly will be open world I would like to think that contracts can be accessed on the fly at any point during the game and missions and contracts are llike quests that can be done in the order chosen by the player. What I am also hoping is that instead of turning up for the mission and then simply taking part that advanced pre mission planning and logistics takes a role. A good example actually comes from a skyrim dark brotherhood quest which gives you a target that has a schedule who travels town to town. You can follow him and learn his routine and where he will be on what day and plan the assassination in advance. Imagine being given a target who has a 24 hour routine, you learn that on a specific day and time he is at a meeting in a glass building and you scout a high roof a hundred metres away with a perfect view. You stash a sniper rifle in this spot and have a week to return to perform the kill. In the mean time you take on a couple of smaller contracts or skip time to that point. You return to the roof a week later in game time, wait for your target before he arrives and blow his head off from a hundred metres away... Then stroll out. Now THAT is the next logical evolution of hitman and how contracts should work!