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12th Jan 2014, 19:45
*This is not a director's cut edition, it is a standard one *

Hi I just found a major storyline bug/glitch.

This happens, and can be recreated, after the side quest "Smash the State" in Detroit.

After you have defeated Jacob White, you get a secondary quest to disable the bomb.

Now, stand in front of the bomb, whether it is disabled or not, and save.

Normally, the bomb will be guarded by a turret, and this turret must be disable by hacking.

Stand in front of the turret and destroy it by shooting at it. The explosion must kill you.

Load the save file you just created.

Climb up the ladder next to the bomb.

There will be a door to the police station which is supposed to be locked at this point of the storyline. But voilĂ*!, it is unlocked and accessible now!

Go into the police station, and if you go into the morgue it will trigger the past storyline! You can get another neural hub from the suicider's head.

Pretty damn broken I say. I will post screenshots soon. See if you can also recreate this bug/glitch!

12th Jan 2014, 20:59
Also happened to me incidentally, noticed how I had the UI prompt to open the door, but didn't do so (I countinued as normal, never stepped into the Police Department again during that walkthrough and there were no more bugs).

And yeah, it's a known bug since the first patches for the original one, don't know if SE or Eidos would be able to have it fixed themselves or through a third-party developer... they seem focused on DX4 atm.

12th Jan 2014, 21:20
This... This is impossible!!

13th Jan 2014, 03:13
Not worth the dev's time imo. Requires an obscure sequence of events to trigger and one can just load a previous save or not go in the police station to fix.

Still, screenshots would be cool :)