View Full Version : foxiest and pacifist in director's cut (missing link?)

5th Jan 2014, 05:49
so now that the missing link is integrated into the game in director's cut, how does it affect pacifist and foxiest requirement? do I have to do both foxiest and pacifist while playing the missing segments too?

btw, can someone tell me how civilians affect the foxiest requirement when in public? if I break a wall in the sewers or take down belltower guards in hensha 2 and there were people beside me, they always enter scared state, will this break the foxiest detection rule?

also what does it mean by alarm? does it include "alarmed" state? there are several situations in game where alarmed state is practically unavoidable.

- the prologue where a patrol stand there staring at the exit door and won't ever budge, and no matter how you exit the place, he will always say "is any one there?" and the move to check the door
- zeke always stands there and guards the door to the purist bunker, and opening the bathroom door will always alarm him no matter what. what can I do?

in the 3 augmented boss fights, the cameras always flash red when they see me (especially during barett's fight). even though people say boss fights don't count, it seems to me this alarm does matter.

regarding pacifist, the 1st time I beat the game I was sure I didn't kill any one in the entire game, but I still didn't get the pacifist. the only dead body I saw came from the box guard exploding on sleeping enemies during malik's rescue. several people told me box guard explosion doesn't count, but I can't think of any death I missed. I didn't have any tranquilizer rifle death glitch either.

5th Jan 2014, 07:37
Foxiest is only affected if someone sets off an alarm (no, the Tayong Medical helicopter bay doesn't count). As for pacifist, yes the box bots exploding and killing a guard *WILL* affect the pacifist playthrough. It counts against you as a kill.

5th Jan 2014, 12:21
what about malik's rescue? when I just landed, they already had their eyes on me with fully red visuals, and I couldn't get the ghost bonus

I checked several foxiest runs where the player didn't save malik but rather just stealth and dash away, and they all got the ghost bonus. I didn't get it... is it because I upgraded my radar so it includes everyone on it? or is it just director's cut thing where they particularly removed the ghost?

take this for example, vanilla deus ex, abandon malik, got ghost bonus

5th Jan 2014, 13:11
You should have been able to duck and take cover right away, and not get seen. By the way, it's entirely possible to get foxiest, pacifist and still save Malik on one run. I did it (although it took me nearly 20 tries to get it right).

5th Jan 2014, 13:14
duck or stealth right away didn't work, I think it's because of my expanded radar...

right when the mission starts, the very 1st frame before I could even move, my radar shows their red vision cones. no one shot in my direction though, and I got away undetected, but I couldn't get ghost bonus

5th Jan 2014, 22:53

I didn't trigger any alarm at all, why is it that I still didn't get foxiest?
I got both legend and pacifist, but foxiest just refuse to show up

the only 2 places where I was unsure was malik's rescue and missing link, but I thought missing link doesn't affect the main game, wtf?

am I not allowed to simply dash across the screen with cloak and sound cancel to escape a fight?

can someone tell me the story path I must follow in order to get foxiest? which objectives am I not allowed to skip?

what about the taggart social battle and the morgue in the police station? must I stealth through the back door to make it count?
same thing about the hive

are the talks with serif and taggart in panchea necessary to get foxiest?